Conscious Dynamics®

Transforming Consciousness®

facilitating creative potential

available as individual or group course

Transforming Consciousness® is an excellent course for all levels of experience and may be taken with benefit at different times in your process. Each unit has potential unlimited depth, adaptable based on experience of the student. Meet with Mary Rees or another qualified Conscious Dynamics® teacher for six phone or video sessions of one hour (face to face sessions available on request).

Material is provided. The course includes six units:
    Opening Space and Time
    Letting Go of What You Believe to Be True
    Coming Home through Your Senses
    Freeing the Mind
    Shaping Conditioned Mind
    Living in Mediating Space

To arrange the course

Please be sure to specify that you are applying for the Transforming Consciousness®,or TC course.

Special offer:
For now the course fee for an indiviudal or couple is only $300. It is offered at this rate because of our belief in the the importance and value of the course for you, your goals, and the good of our planet.
Follow this link to purchase this course online.

Some things you can do until a course is arranged: Though we advise starting with a teacher, if you want to get started right away some elements of the course and an introduction to meditation are available without cost. See Transforming Consciousness® curriculum