Conscious Dynamics®

Transforming Consciousness®

facilitating creative potential through independent study

Free on line course for developing subtle awareness

Mary Rees created a structured introductory meditation course for people to start training themselves before they meet with her or another qualified teacher. The course, titled Going Beyond; First Steps (the link opens a new browser window), is a mini-website with instructions, audio files, and downloadable worksheets.

Practice books

The Transforming Consciousness® Practice Books are used during six week Transforming Consciousness® courses, but they are also available for independent study. They are a good follow up to the introductory course above and may also be used as part of individual or group study (though skeletal as compared to using them with the course). To see what they are like before ordring the set you may choose to buy the original stand alone practice book.

Listening: digital streaming or downloads

Listening to the audio recordings from the Satipatthana Sutta during a sitting practice will facilitate their natural arising during the day. They are an excellent (and ancient) way to become experientially familiar with human experiences that usually fall below consciousness awareness.