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About Consulting and Coaching

Individual work is available in person, by telephone, and on line.

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Consultation and Transformational Coaching - Themes especially appropriate for working with Conscious Dynamics®

  • Working with transitions; opening to opportunity
  • Getting along with difficult people - personal and professional
  • Support for helping professionals in incorporating their own meditation skills into work with clients (requires meditation practice and retreat experience)
  • Development of consciousness - expanded consciousness and more efficient use of mind and brain
  • Assessment (formal and informal) of your stressors and stress behavior
  • Consultation on skillful professional behavior based on your style and skills
  • Integrating meditation skills in the work environment - improved work relations and job satisfaction
  • Consultation on mindful relationships using mediation skills and knowledge from assessments
  • Integration of meditation skills in personal or professional relationship
  • Integration of meditation practice and creativity into personal and professional life
  • Developing wholesome qualities of mind such as compassion, kindness, generosity
  • Recognizing character strengths and virtues (positive psychology)
  • Career changes

Other individual work

  • A basic course in Transformating Consciousness®
  • Attention Training
  • Stress Reduction
  • Reduction of secondary stress for those in Helping Professions

Are you ready for Transformational coaching? Are the following statements true for you?

  • At this point in my life, I am interested in creating a life I want to live rather than in solving problems or trying to fix my self.
  • I will take action that seems skillful to me in order to achieve my goal[s] even if I don't see immediate progress.
  • I will be straight forward with my coach about what I like and don't like about how the coaching relationship.
  • I will work collaboratively with my coach to design goals and action steps to move forward with my goals, while maintaining integrity of my spiritual and personal unfolding.
  • I will keep appointments with myself to do coaching homework I have created or chosen.
  • I am willing to change behaviors that are interfering with my deepest unfolding
  • I recognize change as a process that requires time and has a rhythm of its own.
  • I am willing to try new approaches to achieve my goals or visions.

You are a good candidate for Conscious Dynamics® consulting or coaching if you have:

  • A high level of self-knowledge but are interested in continuous learning.
  • Acceptance of yourself, your weaknesses and your strengths
  • Acceptance and tolerance of human nature in general
  • Acceptance of the unknown and mysterious, including a willingness to heed 'irrational factors' without abandoning logic and reasoning.

Preparation and Application of Transformational work

  • Meditation Instructions (which may include our transformational consciousness programs)
  • Continued personal development of individual meditation practice
  • Relational Meditation courses
  • Creating Classes (page coming soon)
  • Learning to share your committed meditation practice with others without imposing on them

Applying for Transformational Consult or Coaching

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